through rose tinted eyes

Trying to for imagined images into a tangible form that can be shared with others is quite a task, esspecially if you can't quite bring that fleating image into focus in your own mind.  With this thought I've attempted to have a go anyway and live in hope that as I work the image will form more clearly of its own accord.
Do any of you do this with painting too? How do you resolve it?

This is not a painting though... this is done with a camera.  Intentional Camera Movement seems to be a trend sweeping the artistically inclined flickr sites and I do admit to liking the effect.  You need a camera where you can reduce that size of the apature and adjust for a longer exposure to compensate for less light getting in.  This longer time frame that the shutter of the camera is open allows you to add movement to the image.  The random effect is only worth trying with digital cameras unless you've loads of film to waste as you can take loads of images before one really works.  Gradually you can hone the process a bit though and start getting the right sort of images that have this painterly feel.  Loads of fun, esspecially when the light is failing and you need longer exposures to take a picture.


MargaretR said...

I have a floating image that I can't quite get into focus in my own mind and it's been bothering me for many years. It's an image of my GM's love spoon and I feel it's there and when I try to grab it it's gone. I've also noticed this new trend in photos.

neki desu said...

oh no! something else to try:)
your second image is a symphony.

Cathy said...

I'm so glad to have caught up with you, Helen. Many congratulations on all the wonderful changes in your life. I love the second image. Beautiful and mysterious.