felted creations

Going on from making the felt I've decided to make a few spring time broaches from it.  I spent ages doing doodles but found the simpler designs looked more effective.

The ones here to the right are other ideas from local scenes and things I've found out and about.

This is what I ended up with after several broach designs last night.  Finding the neatest way to attach the pin took the most attempts but eventually I fixed it between the layers with the relevant bits poking out the backing... a much nicer finish.  I'm quite pleased with it so am going to let it breathe some new life into my etsy shop :)

Another interesting find on my MIL's windowsill was a seed head she gathered from the garden last year.  It's little curled pods are perfect inspiration for some ceramics that I'm planning.  I love the wrinkly structures.


The Happy Apple said...

What a strange looking seed pod...but delightfully so. I love your felt leaf; from the sketches on your posting, there's obviously more to come!

Julie said...

Beautiful brooch Helen and what an elegant seedpod.

Inge said...

I love it - a piece of art. Inge

Clare Wassermann said...

Beautiful brooch. I have been looking at seedheads myself. Aren't there some beauties?

T said...

that brooch is alive with colour and detail. and the seed pod wow. looking forward to seeing your ceramics now.