herbal ban

You may have heard of the EU ban on much of the herbal medicince available to us in the shops.  I certainly feel it's heavy handed and needs refining if it intends to keep the public safe.  My greatest concern though is the right of choice of how we look after ourselves as well as the underlying feeling that only the drug companies will benefit from these rulings.

Only two days left and maybe a petition will have some influence?


neki desu said...

THANK YOU for the link! just signed and shared on my fb page.
incredible only the pharmas will be in charge.
my husband has had some eye problems and the oculist didn't find anything with aryuvedic remedies he's getting better.

Clare Wassermann said...

Yes, I agree. I am a registered homeopath and even I as a qualified medical practitioner will have a hard time supplying people in the future and they certainly won't be able to go and buy some of the things I suggest. I have signed.