Do you work in sketchbooks?  As a general rule I don't.  I tend to work in my head and directly onto the piece in some sort of homogenised blend, but...
I've been tempted.  Helen Cowans gave me the heads up on this years new sketchbook project that so many people seemed to enter last year.  Indeed I was one of those but sadly didn't get to complete it.  Much to my own disappointment too as I hate finding I've started something and have the feeling of "yet again" not finishing, for what ever reason... it bugs me.  So I'm doing it again, from scratch, and what ever gets done gets sent!
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Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Before I turned to fiber, I was drawing. Always been sketching actually, pen and ink. This makes me want to dig out those old sketchbooks...oh if only there were more hours in a day.

Helen Cowans said...

My thoughts too with the sketchbook - am going to join later when I decide on a theme.

Love those tags