drawing on cloth

The soldering iron worked beautifully once I tuned it to a low temperature.  Here's photo of the whole cloth at the finished waxing stage just before I tackled giving it's dark dye.

I used an old sack of wax pellets but didn't like them moving about as I dipped the tool into them to pick up wax.  To resolve this I tried melting some in a little old pot to make a block for stabbing at.  Strangely enough I found that the parafin wax wouldn't melt in the microwave!  Not what I expected at all.   I do tend to use the microwave for a quick dye fix as I hate waiting for hours but the logic of normal wax behaviour had me thinking I would have to just sit it out and not hurry the process, until I discovered the wax alone won't melt in the microwave.  Now I'm sitting typing and wondering if I was mad to go against my original logic, hoping that the impetuous boost of microwaving just now hasn't melted the wax.

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