a grey day in translation

Another grey day inspired a coastal view where reflected sunlight turns silver and the sky is over-hung with a dark canopy.  Here the seaweed covered shore-line is slippy and four legs are better than two :)

I've just spent a happy hour looking through some of the wonderful books available on natural dyeing on Amazon, and wondered what other peoples favourites are?  I love technical information when it comes to processes like that, chemical and alchemical, as you can't see what happened in order to get there in the final result.  Enjoying evolving processes I'm after another learning spell so have reawakened the interest in dyeing with plants.  This has particularly been because I can find very few sources of machine embroidery fine pure silk to work with and thought that I should dye my own.  Any recommendations?

I shall let you in on the books when I get them :)


Julie Shackson said...

Lovely work! For the technical stuff, one of my old favourite plant dye manuals is 'Wild Color: The Complete Guide to Making and Using Natural Dyes' by Jenny Dean, but for inspirational images I do love India Flint's 'Eco Colour: Botanical Dyes for Beautiful Textiles'. I'm sure you'll have fun!

T said...

years ago I first used "A dyers manual" by Jill Goodwin, and also some old books on dyeing with Australian Native Flora. i also have "the art and craft of natural dyeing by J N Lilies. The library is a good start to natural dye books, and I use this resource frequently. However, because I only ever use Australian native indigenous plants I find that there is often no literature on the plants that I use. Good luck with the books.


Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Another beautiful piece! Interesting -- is there some embroidery in there?

I just completed my first needle feting piece. I approached it much like I would painting. What do you think?