inventory 1

I compartmentalise my life's history and it's not all one long film.  I liken it to having video's on the shelf that I can play sections of as my memory runs through a moment or event.  It's a strange thing to do for someone who hates being "put in a box"  (save that for when I'm dead!).  I don't like labels that confine or catagories that stiffle, but there is a tiny element of me that loves those collections in glass covered tables.  I have one of those many compartmented wall shelves with small spaces and I've collected tiny things that have caught my eye.  A tiny scrap of decorated ceramic, a birds skull, discarded blackbird egg, and an old tin that had licorice bits in it.  These nestle in their little spaces, separate enough to call attention, but safe and secure from being lost.

Sketching for the ideas of a new direction of thought... these are the marks I've made so far...
the spaces in my own wall of life.  What I choose to put in them... ah... now then :)

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Deb H said...

Your art is always so subtle & soft. Beautifully undertstated.