a journal of natural dyeing adventures

It feels like I have always imagined that I would do this one day... play with the colouring of fibres by use of plants, so I'm happy to be finally able to have a space in the shed just for this.  A newly aquired "blytheswood" charity shop folding out table with wheels is the hub, and where the chairs would stack inside I have my mordanting chemicals.  I've bought a couple of stainless steel pots with lids and one with a steamer, plus a load of stainless steel dog bowls... it all adds up but now I'm all set to start exploring.

Today I made up mordanting liquors and washed then set to soak a variety of fabrics, both silk and cotton, and some small skeins of anything I have that will possibly be neutral enough to take dye colours.  Tomorrow starts the collecting of dye stuffs.  There seems so much to choose from out there!  I'm keen to try the birch bark and ladies bedstraw/yellow bedstraw roots as I'd like to get as many pinks and purple colours as possible.

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