can it be...

... so very long since I wrote here?  My goodness time is fleeting.  The summer has been filled with living interspersed with horses, painting and the ongoing textiles.  I joined in with an exhibition venture which has just opened at the Eden Court in Inverness and of course if you're in the area do drop in and have a look.  The artists exhibiting are all quite different in style and technique.  My own contribution is quite small as are the pieces of work but the impact of everyone's work displayed is quite striking.

As the season has turned cooler the woodburner has gone on and thoughts have recently returned to blogging and creating to share.  The exhibition working took its tole and made me want to pull away from being creative for a while but now I'm thinking "just play" again and rejuvenate that way... after all they say "a change is as good as rest" don't they.  Sharing those adventures with you really helps stimulate more so hopefully I'll be around a good deal more in the next few months.

Here's hoping you had a good summer too.


MargaretR said...

I look forward to visiting your blog in the few months too Helen. I just looked at your gallery and the work is all so beautiful.

Julie said...

Good to hear from you Helen and to see you here again too. No wonder you've had no time for blogging, your life has been very full. Your exhibition looks very exciting and I hope it's going well for you all. I shall look forward to seeing more from you in the coming months. :-)