sketching winter

Digital sketching has been the order of the evening and once I got into it I was engrosed in this remembering.  Sometimes it's great to risk a mess and plunge into scribbling down things that are no longer in front of you, esspecially if you don't have any visual reminders to prompt you... it's a bit daunting but once you're in the mode it can feel so much more like reliving the moment... something you don't get with using a photo, even if you took it yourself.

Of course this method has the added advantage of being done by a warm fireside and not at -10 deg in the dying sunlight of a winters day.


Helen Cowans said...

Geesh! You are SOSOSOSOSO good at painting!

Get on with doing some more :):):)


sharon young said...

Fabulous painting, Helen, I love the sweep into the distance.

What program did you use, I was looking at Hockney's paintings that he's done on the iPad, they're great.

Helen Suzanne said...

thanks so much Sharon :)and Helen
I've been using corel Painter (not corel paint) which replicates a "real" medium effect on oils, watercolours etc. I use my graphics tablet and pen with is so it feels quite realistic. Just wish I had some kind of computer/slate that works well outdoors. Everything I've seen so far has such a glare on the screen that it renders it impractical to use "on-site"

Julie Shackson said...

I love your painting; really beautiful how you've got the strokes to look like snow covered plant-stuff!

neki desu said...

plain wonderful!