Hi There!!
Found this lovely little door in the side of a very old and tall garden wall.  It's only about 20" and I'm wondering what it was for.  The wall is part of an old farm yard and in itself is higher than a tall person.   There was no raised plinth for a milk churn to stand on but as the hasp is on the road side of the door I assume it's for someone to put things into rather than out of.  The little door had been painted many colours which showed through the weathered and cracked pale blue of the last coat.  Quite a delight to find :)

Hope you're all well and creative.
warmest wishes


Clare Wassermann said...

Nice lunchbox hole!

Helen Cowans said...

Lovely drawing - maybe it was the "night soil" from the privy? Not romantic, but practical!!!!

Helen Suzanne said...

ah yes but it's on the road side with the bolt on that side leading into a walled garden... hmmm

Tricks said...

Oooh how I love secret gardens; I had the book read to me when I was about 7. Since then I've always wanted a walled garden with a door in it. The door wouldn't be going anywhere. Just to give the illusion.

This one is a mystery. If you find out it's use I would just love to know. Who knows perhaps it was put there to help a forbidden romance to take place? lol. Yes I am a romantic. Or perhaps it's a door to a right of way - footpath? I love a good mystery. Love the sketch. Would love to see it in colour. BW Tricia.

Rosalind said...

In an urban setting it would look like a coal hole door ie the door the coal man tipped coal through into the coalhouse. That avoided coming into the yard or garden and perhaps messing up washing hung out to dry?