Challenge Sketching

Having recently been prompted by creative friends I took a look at the blog of and his EveryDayMatters Challenges, an idea he acknowleges to be from a lady called Karen Winters who posts a challenge a day for people to draw and post up on the web. There are now Facebook and Flickr sites displaying everyone's work. It's something that I keep coming back to... trying to inspire myself to draw and push thoughts into new creative possibilities.  Everyone goes through phases and mine have been lacking exploration for a while. So once again I'm going to jolt myself into action with one of these projects. Being one to like to share why not join me? I wonder how long I can keep going... it's a bit like taking vitamins... I forget to take them after a while when they've done their job and I'm feeling better ;) If you do decide to come along then you could leave a link in a comment for the relevant post so I can see yours too :) Ok... here goes

Draw a Mug.

drawn digitally in "sketchbook pro" using a graphics tablet

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Julie said...

I know it's good for me (a bit like vitamins which I usually tail off taking too) and I should draw everyday but I think I'll probably just keep up with your progress.