well that didn't work very well!

Useless!  Making a promise for a new start and now it's August!  Pha, not impressed with me at all.  Well I got a job, hurt myself, finished a job and now am trying, once again, to get going.  I wonder if it will be different this time.

I have rakes of stuff in lovely draw/boxes, paints, textiles, fibres, canvas'...   Mmm there are lots of directions I could go in, but just getting going on something will be good.  It seems if I "make to blog" then things do start happening so this is where I'll start... right here with you in blogland... if you're still there?

So to start off... this is my pretty highland pony who has been taking up much of my time.  She's very sweet in a "bull in a china shop" way and loves her cuddles whilst raiding you for anything edible you might have on your person.  She's young though and getting better with her manners all the time.  One day she'll be snow white but at the moment she's a soft biscuit/grey colour with a dark mane and tail and lower legs.


sharon young said...

Hi Helen, what a lovely surprise to see your post on my blog list.
Absolutely love the sketch of your beautiful pony, hope you manage to stay in blog land for a while.
I think most of us ebb and flow, it's just part of our busy lives.

daisydonut said...

Hello Helen

So pleased to see you back. Your pony sketch is beautiful and she sounds delightful.

Gina said...

I'm still here! And lovely to see you blogging again. The pony sketch is beautiful.

Brenda Leonard said...

Hi Helen! I check every so often so I am so happy to get a surprise gift today. a very lovely drawing! Welcome back to blogland!

Clare Wassermann said...

I'm still here too! I think when we reach a temporary halt making to blog is a useful strategy. It's the only way sometimes. Just to validate oneself to oneself. Weird though isn't it?