first steps

laying down the basics

Well of all the struggles!! I've finally got inspiration and my mojo is BACK!!
One of the refreshing things is that finally I've worked out how I can combine all the previous things I've learned from experimenting in different medium into a new direction.  Textiles are wonderful for layering, revealing, hiding and abstracting... something I felt I couldn't do with oils.  Now I can go back to paint with a fresh outlook and new understanding, especially of "what I want" from my art working.  Stuck in a realism that I never felt comfortable with I had given up the soul to the process I'd developed, trapping myself and not knowing how to get out.  Textiles gave me the freedom of experimentation, and horses gave me a year out (whilst I got used to their whole process).  So now the dust has settled and the nights have drawn in and I feel like I can cosy in and retreat to my creativity.  Oh JOY!! I haven't felt this excited since I don't know when.  And yes I want to share it with you so I'll be posting my progress through my new adventures.

Happy Weekend


Clare Wassermann said...

Fabulous...shall look forward to it

Julie said...

Welcome back to creativity Helen, it's great to see you again. Those paints look interesting too! Looking forward to sharing your explorations. x

dorothypandorasbox said...

Hi Helen,
Welcome back. We missed you. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

sharon young said...

Hi Helen, so glad to hear you're back on track, sounds like you've had a quite a revelation, really looking forward to seeing your progress, it's always a pleasure to see your work.

Helen Cowans said...

Welcome back stranger :) Looking forward to watching your journey!