quick shot before it goes...

ahh my little camera is up for sale, so hopefully I'll upgrade soon.  Just in case you're looking for one... my little LX5, very tidy and without wear and tear :)

The new painting is on it's way.  Forms are starting to appear and my own internal feelings towards it are to do with old homes, abandoned and neglected but still with a sense of "home" to them.  There were many dwellings like this in the scottish islands and I was luck enough to poke around in a few... a massive visual resource.  Only a few elements that you see here will ultimately remain but I'm feeling most resolution in the left hand side.
Hope you've had a good weekend and get some creative time this week x


sharon young said...

I love this painting, the masonry is the perfect focal point without being literal, it made me think of a industrial chimney, not what you had in your mind, but that's the beauty of an abstract painting.
The colours and textures are superb.

Wendy said...

the painting looks finished to me, very atmospheric and thought provoking. I like it :)