"trees are brown"

Oil and Wax on panel 20" x 20"

Yes, this is what I was told in school as a small child... "No Helen, trees are brown.  Why have you done them green?"  I remember distinctly responding that the trees on the other side of the playing fields were a dirty green colour on their trunks.  To give her her due the teacher did actually go and look, but I didn't like having to argue my point.  Even at 7 or 8 I knew my own mind when it came to what my eyes were seeing.  Annnyway... so I don't see trees as brown with green leaves.  You probably don't either.  It's amazing what some people will tell children though.  All this came to my thoughts as I painted this piece.  At first it was a raging sea, all dark with a strip of harbour lights at it's centre (still at the centre of the image if you turn the canvas around 90 degrees ;)).  But according to my plan... that was becoming too forced and "realistic" so I dived in with colour to cover it up.  Much mixing of oils and wax, scraping and daubing ended up with this... and a studio that smells strongly of essential oil of oranges (my new alternative to turps).
Hope you have had a great weekend x


sharon young said...

I know what you mean, I was told by my needlework teacher that I'd never be any good at it as I had no patience. I soon learned when I was intoduced to my first embroidery sewing machine at about 13, by a neighbour's daughter who used to babysit me, I never looked back.
Love the textures and colours of this piece and it's really interesting to see the remnants of your starting point.

Gina said...

Fabulous painting!


Hello Helen, Your painting is very awesome. Hugs Judy