steaming along

Months of nothing again I know... apologies x
Well lots of being busy and playing with horses have happen and not many creative projects.  I'm so delighted with this one though that I have to share.  DH decided very kindly that I needed a new computer that could cope with the graphics programs that I try to use, so a project was born to create something QUIET as it is to live in the sitting room / studio and there's nothing more annoying as a constant whir to accompany a new film.  Technical things aside I have been more into designing something with a look I actually like and want to sit in the space instead of an ugly black box.

Well this is what I came up with.  A two-tone maroon and purple case with stained light oak draw fronts and brass port holes for side fan and front... erm... widget... which is obviously the mechanics of how a real computer works ;)  All I need now is a few more little lights inside the front to light it up in the evening.

Don't worry. I've not taken to wearing full victorian clothing.... yet!
Hope you are all enjoying a fabulous summer x

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