of a theme I think.
All these sketches take the form of doodles, as they're not preplanned or referenced, and it's funny what comes out sometimes.  Several years ago I did something very similar from rock crevasses on Lewis.  That was a study but this emerged from a memory doodle.  When I look back I see it has lost it's water.  It think rock forms must have etched themselves on my psyche after all those hours of beach wandering down the rocky shorelines of the Hebrides.

and here's the older one for comparison (I haven't looked at it before finding it to post here so quite a surprise)

and a final update of the new pc case... it needed more powerful cooling so got and external addition of radiator and two more fans.

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sharon young said...

What a lovely atmospheric sketch, and the older piece is riveting, the more you look at it the more you see.