sketching a 3D sketch

I've been trying to catch up with the blogs on my sidebar today and it's interesting to see just how many are still going!  Well done on the continuity!
One of my delights is to visit "the hermitage" and the lovely work of Rima Staines.  She's shown a lovely progression of work on a large puppet.  These changes of development are wonderful to see as they are sketches in 3D as the carving hones the features from a solid block of... space.
Trying to draw one of these in-process pieces reminded me just how precise you have to be to get a certain expression in a face.  The eyes and mouth in particular matter so very much, and it was hard to get it right.  Close I came but no banana.
I can't link directly to the picture but visit her blog and whilst you enjoy see if you can spot the one I drew from ;)


yvette said...

long time no see but big progresse !

Martha Marshall said...

I'm doing the same exact thing today with my links. So glad to see you're still here and doing fabulous things. I love the link to the puppet maker, and am sharing it on my facebook page, with credit back to you.