fb and dyeing

Well, I've done three months on facebook and this time around it's ok.  Nice to have caught up with some people I knew and funny to see their old photies.  It's definitely not a substitute for blogging but an interesting linking tool all the same.  I've joined a couple of fibre groups, some active and others not so, and I quite like seeing some of the discussions and issues people have with their processes.  All in all though nothing replaces doing your own thing, so I'm back here to document my second exploration into the world of natural dyes.

With the procion chemical dyes I've previously worked mostly with silk and cotton.  I use them often and almost exclusively in my textile images, and I do like things to be "useful" :D  Now I'm making paths into the world of natural dyes.  Once I thought I'd become a herbalist but life... well this is an alternative that allows me still to investigate plants.

So... Dye diary here we come !

On another subject the result of my hours of cleaning, washing, carding and spinning a rather dirty Jacobs sheep fleece is a very nice grey marl man's Gansey.  I didn't knit the jumper but very pleased how it turned out for my client.  I'm rather glad that it's done though, and I can move on to fleeces a little nicer to work with.

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