Cherry and logwood

so, Day 1.
That cherry bark...  Well I took some well washed North Country Cheviot locks and soaked them in a bath of alum mordant.  These were then popped into a solution from the soaked cherry bark and within a few minutes it took on the same pale corn yellow as the silk had 4 years before!  After 3 hours I thought I may have got some of the pinkish tones I was looking for but no, just a shade darker of the corn yellow.  Still it's a lovely colour, though I won't be bothering processing the bark for so long another time ;)

There was also some old logwood chips that had been soaking around the same time as the cherry.  They'd long dried out but I added some hot water and simmered them up all the same.  One of the main things I noticed were that the tips were lovely and dark but the rest was ever so pale, whereas the cherry was a much more even spread of colour.  The tips were certainly older and probably more porous but I was searching for a little more understanding and a choice about full colour or graduated.

I made a note of some plant stuffs to gather at this time of year, like daffodils, dandelions and gorse flowers and called it a day.

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