a little turquoise

A little turquoise always cheers me up.  Needing some new textured yarn for my cards I spun up some lovely tussah silk with a little merino and hand dyed it with the new acid dyes that I'd bought from Kemtex.  I do like their dyes... firstly they're from yorkshire ;)  always a plus, and secondly good results with inexpensive prices.  Up until now I've used the procion mx dyes which can be used on animal or plant fibres, but I opted for the specific acid dyes to try and achieve brighter colours on the wools and silks for my new weaving project... more of that later, but here's the turquoise to be going on with :D

Love and light x


Julie said...

Wonderful result Helen Suzanne.

Sue said...

Gorgeous colour. Really scrumptious.