And here it is...

The first piece from the new loom.  The process worked well and the Ashford you-tube tutorials on warping were excellent.  It was interesting to see the differences in texture produced by the different wools.  Both were hand spun from my own dyed fibres, one in Wensleydale and the other Merino.  The Wensleydale (dark blue) was bouncier and compacted less though the feel is stronger and smoother.  The Merino on the other hand (the variegated stripes) compacts down more (about 1/8th of an inch over 12 inches) and has less of a subtle sheen.

Now to pair it with some leather and well maybe even lace!?!


dorothyag.com said...

That's lovely Helen. I love the colours too... wish I could feel it! :-)
Well done you.

Helen Suzanne said...

Thank you Dorothy! Now I have to be brave and sew it into a bag.