new lines of enquiry

Excited to be trying out Derwent's Inktense watercolour pigment pencils !!  Some illustration to follow I hope.

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Tricks said...

Hi Helen,
I was arching a programme on TV last night all about the Isle of Harris and Lewis. There was a photographer on there who used to be a musician. He went into one of those abandoned Crofter homes and I thought of you.
The Inktense pencils are amazing. I'm not sure that I really do them justice in my drawings but I love them all the same, I'd love to see your work as you use them. When I was watching a video about them before I bought them, the person demonstrated these special brushes that hold water in a capsule behind, great if you're out and about. I didn't know if you'd heard of these brushes but hey work ever so well with the inks. Hope you are keeping well. All the best Tricia (Cook)