wood with sticky out bits

Does anyone else get excited by a lump of wood with sticky out bits?

OO and here are some results from the Ice-dyeing.  I went and ruined all the really delicate changes in the right hand one by turning it over (having watched an ice-dyeing T-Shirt tutorial) and adding more ice and dye to the other side.  My fabric simply didn't need this as it was thin.  Thicker stuff would warrant a flip over.  I must stop using that "blackberry" cerise dye too... it's invading everything and I'm fed up with it.


dorothyag.com said...

Looks like somebody's having too much fun! :-)

Julie said...

Ooo! That looks a handy size. I havn't invested in one yet as I've only got a tiny loom but when I progress to a proper loom I think I'll need a warping loom. It's all very new to me.