The warp and the weft of it

Well finally I have managed to warp up the silk that I'd dyed and spun.  It's a real sticking point to actually get on with this part of the process with me, though I actually do enjoy it once I get going. It's much better now that my back is getting regular treatment - it's amazing the physicality of warping up!
Here is the warping in progress.  I had a right kerfuffle with the warp as I'd tried to short cut things early on and my tensions hadn't been kept well.  But all was sorted out with a little Afro combing over the top of the loom.  I'd also decided to change the weaving width as an after thought up to 20" so it's wide enough for a garment.  It didn't affect any design though as there is non... just a random selection of coloured threads.

The weft is more of the hand-spun but with a leaning towards the colours over the firth rather than the hill behind, so more pale blues and soft greens.

Now I must spin more weft!  I know that's a little irregular not to have finished the lot before I start weaving but I've decided that I want a more organic process, so it's all growing as it goes along :)


sharon young said...

What gorgeous colours, and such fine yarn, can't wait to see more, it sounds intriguing.

Julie said...

This is gorgeous looking weft. Is it hard spinning with silk? I am a rank beginner so it all looks hard to me but I am getting there.

Helen Suzanne said...

Hi Julie, I find silk really relaxing but preparation is the key to all the fibres if you want to spin thin. Because the singles are spun so fine I'm only getting an inch per treadle... it takes a while. On weaving it I've come across a couple of problems. You really have to watch that you have a good consistent tight enough twist to be strong... weak yarn is no good in a warp. Also I made the mistake of trying to get some textured bits in some of the warp thread, but the little lumps, whilst still going through the reed, are being pushed gradually further up the warp behind the reed. Occasionally I have to tease them through and dampen then roll them between my fingers to secure them in front of the reed. Weft is fine with lumps in though.

Margaret Roberts said...

That silk yarn looks lovely and soft and in such beautiful colours. I need a lesson on how to use the little spinner you kindly sent me though. I can't seem to make head nor tail of it. i'm sure if I go on YouTube I'll find good instructions on using it. i have loads of wool tops.