webs for cobs

Ever on the lookout for textile inspirations I was delighted the other morning at the return of the "autumn drapes".  The misty moisty morning saw a plethora of tiny webs draped like baskets in the gorse bushes across the hillside.  For some reason they only suit black & white photography.

Near by I've been painting outdoors.  Sketching is an odd thing to do.  It does it's own thing but it doesn't go anywhere.  It captures less that I need for reference.  Maybe I'm not good at translation or using notes.  Perhaps my internal camera isn't accessed that way.  It's almost as if sketching is a beast in its own right.  So I'm giving "plein air" a go hoping it's more to the point.  Carting things around isn't fun if it's heavy and needs a couple of trips so I've tried to whittle it down to a canvas carrier that separates into two boards with canvas/prepared board on each, a light easel that stores the paints, and and... I really must get a little foldy stool and a decent pot for carrying water.  Anyway this is a little snapshot of a small part of the painting as it is developing once home in the studio.  I only worked outdoors until the board was saturated and I'm impatient so just went home once I needed to wait for it to dry.


sharon young said...

I love the black and white image I think it works because the contrast of the web and the background is very defined and it shows the delicate texture perfectly.
I also feel that my sketching is an entity in itself, I do it every day but it rarely has any relationship to my textile work unless it's at the beginning of a piece, and as I've spent so long on the current project I'm now really beginning to miss that connection.
Looking forward to seeing more of your painting.

Deb Hardman said...

I'm sooo arachniphobic! I love to look at webs, but don't want to get near the weavers! Beautiful photo though!

Your painting is rich & beautiful too. I tend to doodle more that sketch. Just letting my pen do whatever it feels like. Usually it just makes a mess, but sometimes I come up with something lovely.

You are on my bucket list! Someday I will come visit!❤️