... every day I could take time to stitch, spin or dye something, draw or paint something, and photograph something, then I'd get a heck of a lot of work done!

Well today I stopped procrastinating and got out some acrylics to sketch with.  This view has been a strong visual in my mind for a while now.  Something I care about with a passion... light and weather!  Sunny days can be bland and drain colour out of a landscape but a good storm brewing... well that's a whole different kettle of tofu!  I'm trying to stop the infinite detail and go instead for the mood... and the passion.  Definitely a task in progress but I'm proud to have stopped after only 2 hours of frenetic activity and called it a day.  "Not to be fiddled with".  That should be a sign that I stick on everything I paint after 2 hours is up.

I also have finished an illustration project.  It might become an alternative sort of christmas card, hmm, perhaps.  I enjoyed making up how lady winter might look.  The owl however needed a little photographic reference.  I find that... something I don't know quite so well needs a little prompting.  Skys, stone walls, and water are things I've studied well over the years.  Not just looked at but actively drawn and I can pretty much breathe them into a painting now.  Ask me to draw a horse or a dog for example and it will have a sort of resemblance but be rubbish really... and I own both those animals so see them daily.  I guess it matters how you look then!

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sharon young said...

I love the immediacy of the landscape, the sunlight on the mid ground is beautiful, the whole painting has a lot of energy. Your lady winter is stunning, I didn't see it on my blog feed so it was a lovely surprise when I saw it on the blog.