Textile Art

Rigid Heddle Weaving with Hand-spun Merino and Silk Yarn

Natural Dyes used to make Handspun Yarn

Fine Cobweb Felt

Silk/Merino Nuno Felted scarf - Hand-dyed

"Ignatious Rockpools" - Hand-dyed silk with embroidery

"Peats" Mixed Media Textiles

"Memories" Mixed Media Textiles

"Loch" Hand-dyed Silk and Cotton

Copper Box - Hand-dyed Cotton

Textile Beaded Felt Brooches (3" long)

"silver birch" layers of calico with silk and stitch (8"x8")

nuno silk scarf with merino wool and beads

"lewis moorland" postcard from hand-dyed silk and stitch (6"x4")

"bookmarks" from cottons and silk with stitch (@ 2"x6")

"cracks" felted with machine embroidery (9"x9")

gift tags (@2"x3")

"sea foam" merino wool and silk with beads (6"x6")

a seascape textile card

textile bookmark (2.5"x7")

"birch bark" hand made felt with silk and stitch (12"x12")