Art & fear

It's done my soul good to re-read "Art & fear".  I can't think specifically why but I'm less unsure after it.  One of my favourite sentences is...

"And (apart from starting with and. I don't like that) while a hundred civilizations have prospered, sometimes for centuries, without computers or windmills or even the wheel, none have survived even a few generations without art."

That's a grand observation that is!

Here's the rest of that painting from the previous post.

webs for cobs

Ever on the lookout for textile inspirations I was delighted the other morning at the return of the "autumn drapes".  The misty moisty morning saw a plethora of tiny webs draped like baskets in the gorse bushes across the hillside.  For some reason they only suit black & white photography.

Near by I've been painting outdoors.  Sketching is an odd thing to do.  It does it's own thing but it doesn't go anywhere.  It captures less that I need for reference.  Maybe I'm not good at translation or using notes.  Perhaps my internal camera isn't accessed that way.  It's almost as if sketching is a beast in its own right.  So I'm giving "plein air" a go hoping it's more to the point.  Carting things around isn't fun if it's heavy and needs a couple of trips so I've tried to whittle it down to a canvas carrier that separates into two boards with canvas/prepared board on each, a light easel that stores the paints, and and... I really must get a little foldy stool and a decent pot for carrying water.  Anyway this is a little snapshot of a small part of the painting as it is developing once home in the studio.  I only worked outdoors until the board was saturated and I'm impatient so just went home once I needed to wait for it to dry.

summer chaos

In the final days of summer the garden is turning into a chaotic splendor and I've been drawn to capture an impression of the riot. I like the idea of it but it's rather hard to look at, lol! Anyway, once again a more serious painting commitment is underway. I hope it lasts long enough to become a daily habit. I'll be back here more too. It works for me to write and share, even though the blogging buzz has diminished, and I hope there are a few of you that still drop by. Love and light to all x

A little painting update...

This is my most recent commission in oils (18"x18" oil on canvas). Not a subject that I'd normally paint but the recipient was please so I am too.

The warp and the weft of it

Well finally I have managed to warp up the silk that I'd dyed and spun.  It's a real sticking point to actually get on with this part of the process with me, though I actually do enjoy it once I get going. It's much better now that my back is getting regular treatment - it's amazing the physicality of warping up!
Here is the warping in progress.  I had a right kerfuffle with the warp as I'd tried to short cut things early on and my tensions hadn't been kept well.  But all was sorted out with a little Afro combing over the top of the loom.  I'd also decided to change the weaving width as an after thought up to 20" so it's wide enough for a garment.  It didn't affect any design though as there is non... just a random selection of coloured threads.

The weft is more of the hand-spun but with a leaning towards the colours over the firth rather than the hill behind, so more pale blues and soft greens.

Now I must spin more weft!  I know that's a little irregular not to have finished the lot before I start weaving but I've decided that I want a more organic process, so it's all growing as it goes along :)