A little painting update...

This is my most recent commission in oils (18"x18" oil on canvas). Not a subject that I'd normally paint but the recipient was please so I am too.

The warp and the weft of it

Well finally I have managed to warp up the silk that I'd dyed and spun.  It's a real sticking point to actually get on with this part of the process with me, though I actually do enjoy it once I get going. It's much better now that my back is getting regular treatment - it's amazing the physicality of warping up!
Here is the warping in progress.  I had a right kerfuffle with the warp as I'd tried to short cut things early on and my tensions hadn't been kept well.  But all was sorted out with a little Afro combing over the top of the loom.  I'd also decided to change the weaving width as an after thought up to 20" so it's wide enough for a garment.  It didn't affect any design though as there is non... just a random selection of coloured threads.

The weft is more of the hand-spun but with a leaning towards the colours over the firth rather than the hill behind, so more pale blues and soft greens.

Now I must spin more weft!  I know that's a little irregular not to have finished the lot before I start weaving but I've decided that I want a more organic process, so it's all growing as it goes along :)

A good day for dyeing

So much for Spring! It's snowing like mad out there and at 0° C it's sticking too! I'm glad I had a dyeing day set up as it wasn't one for being out in the garden.
Here are the results... A row of cheeky silk scarves ready to be made into Nuno Felting kits for my May workshop. The next fun bit will be to give each a small range of coloured merino wools for the participants to work with. What would your favourite additions be for these base colours?

It felt like spring...

... so I designed a new scarf, after all "Spring" is never a done deal here in Scotland.  Here we have an example of what is called "Nuno" felting.  That's fine wool and silk fibres worked into a gauze silk ground, in this case I've used silk georgette for a matte effect.  It has been beaded around the felt bubbles though you may not be seeing it easily in the photo.

Stay warm all... we have it forecast for -6 degrees C tonight !  For those of you with lambs coming ... Hugs!

Happy Solstice

Pre-Father Christmas, she carried life throughout the winter months and was celebrated at the Winter Solstice for the gifts she had to share.

In the ancient northern religions it was the female horned reindeer who drew the sleigh of the mother or sun goddess at the Winter Solstice.  Unlike the male who sheds his antlers in winter, it was the Deer Mother who flew through the winter's longest darkest night with the life-giving light of the sun in her horns.  She is also depicted protecting small birds throughout those cold, bleak times.

So here is my contribution to wishing you a Happy Winter Solstice and warmest Yule tidings.

"The Deer Mother" by Helen Suzanne